Text Messaging from the CallRail Mobile App

CallRail's mobile app for iPhone and Android can be used to send and receive text messages from any of your tracking numbers. Text messages sent from the mobile app can be viewed and archived on both the CallRail website and mobile app.

Getting Started

In order to access these features on your mobile device, download CallRail’s app using one of the links below for your device:

Download for iPhone

Download for Android

Read about all of the app's features in the CallRail Mobile App Overview

Send a Text Message From a Tracking Number

Use this set of instructions to send a text message using one of your tracking numbers. This method allows you to send a text message to any customer, regardless of whether or not they've contacted your business before.

  1. Select the Text Message button at the bottom of the screen.


  2. Select the + button in the bottom-right corner of the app.

  3. Enter the customer's phone number at the top of the screen.

  4. If you're using the app to make a call for the first time, tap Select a Company to choose a company to call from. You can make changes to the company selected at any time, as well.

  5. Tap on Select a Caller ID to choose the tracking number you would like to dial out from; the customer will see this tracking number instead of your mobile device. 
  6. Type your message to the customer in the Text Message field.

  7. Once your text message has been sent you will be taken to the conversation view


Reply to a Text Message Sent to a Tracking Number

You can quickly reply to text messages sent to any of your tracking numbers inside of the CallRail mobile app.

  1. Select the Text Message button at the bottom of your app.

  2. Select the text message you would like to reply to in your text inbox.

  3. Type your response to the customer in the Text Message Field


  4. Select Send to send your message to the customer and keep the text conversation in your inbox. 

Receive Push Notifications for Text Messages

CallRail's mobile app gives you the option to receive push notifications whenever a customer sends a text message to one of your tracking numbers.

Create push notifications in the CallRail mobile app.