Lead Center Basics

Lead Center allows you to view valuable information about a caller before you answer the phone. Accessing contextual information about the caller as the call is taking place makes Lead Center the perfect tool for sales and support teams who rely on calls for new sales and exceptional customer service.

Use this article to learn:

  • The caller information that's available in Lead Center
  • How to use Lead Center to send and receive text messages
  • How to place or return a call in Lead Center

What's Available in Lead Center

CallRail uses extended caller ID to obtain information in Lead Center associated with each caller's phone number.


With Lead Center, you can place an outbound phone call to any telephone number through one of your tracking numbers. This includes returning calls to customers who have already dialed your tracking number or placing arbitrary calls to another telephone number you wish to call. 

Lead Center divides callers into three different categories:

  • Calling Now: Customers who are currently calling your tracking phone number, but whose call has not yet been answered.
  • Active Calls: Customers who are currently speaking with a representative.
  • Recently: Customer who recently called your tracking phone numbers.

The Timeline

Each caller will also have their own Timeline. The information presented in the timeline will look similar to the information you see on the individual caller's timelines. This includes:

  • Previous calls from the customer
  • Call recordings
  • Text conversations
  • Text message frequency
  • Call transcription (available if CallScribe is active)
  • Web sessions (only available for keyword-level tracking numbers)
  • Visitor's source, including landing page URLs and referring URLs (only available for keyword-level tracking numbers)
  • Tags and notes for each call
  • The caller's CallScore

You can also mark calls as spam and edit the caller's tag, note, lead status, and value from the Lead Center timeline.

Text Messaging in Lead Center

When you send a text message from Lead Center, from the recipient’s perspective, it’s just like you texted them directly from your phone— except your tracking number will show on their caller ID. Send new messages to potential leads, respond to incoming texts, and view any previous correspondence you (or someone else from your team) had with a customer.

All of your text messages to and from a customer will appear in the caller timeline, giving you insight into your communication over time.

Learn more about sending and receiving text messages in CallRail



Filter Calls and Text Messages in Lead Center

CallRail's Filters allow you to pick the type of calls and text messages you'd like to display while inside of Lead Center. 


  • Filter by Number to see calls and text messages placed or received by a specific tracking number.
  • Filter by Agent to see calls placed and received by a specific Agent.
  • Filter by Tag to see calls that have been assigned a specific call tag.

Call Your Customers Inside of Lead Center

You can place or return a call to a customer inside of Lead Center using the Softphone feature. This in-browser phone system only works with the Google Chrome browser and requires access to your computer's microphone.

Learn more about using Softphone

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