Changing the AdWords Account Used for Your AdWords Integration

You can change the Google AdWords account associated with your CallRail integration at any time. Once an AdWords account has been changed or disabled, your call and conversion data will no longer be sent from CallRail to the account that was originally selected.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Change Your Google AdWords Account
  • Unlink Google AdWords from CallRail

Getting Started

This article covers how to make changes to a Google AdWords integration that has already been activated inside of CallRail. If you haven't already set up your AdWords integration, use this article instead:

How to set up CallRail's Google AdWords integration

Change Google AdWords Accounts

Use the instructions in this section if you've previously set up your AdWords integration, but would like to change the account you've integrated with.

Note: Some companies may be using the same Google account for both the AdWords integration and the AdWords Mobile Click-to-Call integration. If you change the Google account associated with your AdWords integration, it will also disable your AdWords Mobile Click-to-Call integration. This happens because changing Google accounts removes CallRail’s OAuth access to your Google account.

If you have both of these integrations set up for the same AdWords account within the same company, you’ll need to re-authorize your AdWords Mobile Click-to-Call integration once you change your Google account.

  1. First, sign into the AdWords account you'd like to use instead. 

  2. Return to CallRail, and choose the company whose integration you'd like to change.


  3. Click Settings at the top of the page.


  4. Select Google AdWords from the list of Integrations.


  5. Click the link to use a different Google account.


  6. Select Continue to change the Google account associated with your AdWords integration.


  7. Click Allow to authorize CallRail's access.

  8. Your integration will return to "pending" mode. Select the AdWords company you'd like to use instead.

  9. Click Activate to save your changes. 


Unlinking AdWords from CallRail

If you'd like to remove CallRail's access to your AdWords account, you can do so from your AdWords security settings.

  1. Log into the AdWords account you'd like to unlink from CallRail.

  2. Select your account drop-down at the top of the page, then click Account.

  3. In the Sign-in & security tab, click Connected apps & sites.

  4. Click Manage Apps in the box that lists each app connected to your account.

  5. Click on CallRail and then select Remove

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