All Account Numbers

Account administrators can view and edit the active numbers for all of their companies using the "All Account Numbers" page. This page offers a quick glance at which features are enabled for each tracking number in your account and provides links to view call logs for all of your numbers.

Getting Started

The All Account Numbers page is only available to administrators in CallRail.  

View All Account Numbers

  1. Click the Account icon in the top left, then select Account Settings

  2. Select All Numbers from the Numbers list in the menu on the left. 

  3. View and interact with all of your account numbers

    - The Company column shows which company the tracking number belongs to.
    - The Company ID column shows the unique Company ID for the tracking number.
    - The Number Name column shows the name you gave the tracking number.
    - The Source column shows the channel driving calls to the tracking number.
    - The Tracking Number column shows the exact tracking number for source tracking numbers and the total number of tracking numbers for website pools.
    - The Destination column shows where calls to the tracking number are routed.
    - The Swap Target(s) column shows the telephone number CallRail looks for on your website to dynamically replace with the tracking number.
    - The Call Recording column shows whether recordings are turned on for the number.
    - The Whisper Message column shows whether a whisper message is configured for the number.
    - The Text Messaging column shows whether text message features are turned on for the number.
    - The Caller ID column shows which number is displayed when the tracking number receives a call.
    - The Last Call column shows the date and time that the tracking number last made or received a call.
    - The Date Created column shows the date and time the number was created.

Export All Account Numbers Page

You can export your All Account Numbers page to a CSV file.

  1. Select Export from the right side of the All Account Numbers page.

  2. Choose the CSV option from the drop-down. This will start the process of building your CSV file, which will automatically download in your browser when finished.