Move Tracking Numbers

Account administrators can move tracking numbers and call logs between any company in their account. If you'd like to move your tracking numbers to another account, our support team is happy to take care of this for you on the backend of your account.

Getting Started

Administrators can move tracking numbers and call data to another company inside of their CallRail account using the "All Account Numbers" page. Numbers attached to call flows will require a new routing selection before they can be moved to another company.

CallRail’s JavaScript code for dynamic number insertion is company-dependent within your account. After numbers have moved to a new company, you should update the JavaScript code on your website with the new company’s script if you haven’t already. 

Learn how to install your company's JavaScript snippet for dynamic number insertion.

Move Numbers Between Companies

Any administrator can move tracking numbers between companies in a single account. The move may take a few moments if you are moving a large amount of tracking numbers to a new company.

  1. Click the Account icon in the top left, then click Account Settings.

  2. Select your Active Numbers from the Numbers list in the left menu. 

  3. Select the numbers you'd like to move to a new company.

  4. Select the Bulk Actions drop-down at the top right.

  5. Select Move Numbers, then click Next.

  6. Choose the company where you'd like to move the numbers you've selected. Then click Save Changes.

Move Numbers Between Accounts

In order to move tracking numbers to a new CallRail account, you’ll need to create the new CallRail account if you haven’t already.

Create a new account through this link

Once your new account is active, contact our support team with the following information:

  1. Confirmation from an administrator on your account, as well as a list of numbers in your account that should be moved.

  2. Confirmation from an administrator on the new account, as well as a list of numbers they’d like to move to their new account.


Do I need to update my swap script when moving numbers between two accounts?

The only time your swap script needs to be updated is when numbers are moved to a different company. If we’ve moved an entire company to your new account, you won’t have to change your script; however, if we’ve moved the numbers to a new company, you’ll need to update your script.

You can test dynamic number insertion at any time to ensure your numbers are swapping as intended.

How does moving a number affect billing?

When numbers are moved to a new account, the new account will take ownership of those numbers, and will see them on their next invoice.

Can I move numbers that are attached to a call flow from one company to another?

Yes, but you will first be asked to change your routing selection to either a new destination number or a call flow from the company you are moving the number to.