Port a Number to CallRail from Google Voice

Porting a number from Google Voice to CallRail allows you to transfer your Google Voice number into your CallRail account. Once the porting process is complete, your Google Voice number will become a CallRail tracking number that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

Getting Started

A credit card must be added to the account in order to begin the porting process. 

On average, it takes 4-6 weeks from the time we receive your documents to the time your number is ported. Your number may be transferred at any time during this window. We will pre-configure your numbers within your account to ensure there is no downtime when the number is transferred.

Do not cancel your service with your existing provider until you have confirmed the port is complete. If you cancel your service before the port is complete, your existing provider may cancel your phone number and you may be unable to transfer or recover it.

Once the number is ported into CallRail, standard per-number and per-minute fees apply (just like your other CallRail numbers).

Port a Number to CallRail from Google Voice

Please contact us with the following information: 

  1. A completed, signed, and scanned letter of authorization.

  2. Attach a screenshot of the page that confirms you have unlocked the numbers in your Google account. Please include the unlocked phone number(s) and your email address in the screenshot. Here's where to unlock your number(s) in your Google account:

  3. A list of the phone numbers you want to port, along with the destination number that each number should forward to.

  4. The companies within your CallRail account where these numbers should be added.

If you have questions, you’re always welcome to contact our support team. Thank you for porting your phone number into CallRail!


Does it cost anything to port a number to CallRail?

Nope! There's no cost on CallRail's end to port a number into our system; however, we recommend contacting the carrier you're transferring from to ensure they don't charge any port-out fees.

Can I port my number out of CallRail?

Absolutely. If you wish to port your number out to another provider, the receiving provider will assist you with initiating the port. Due to issues outside our control, the process typically takes 4-6 weeks. During this time, do not close your CallRail account until you have confirmed that the port has completed successfully.

Which numbers can be ported?

Currently, only local and toll-free US & Canadian phone numbers can be ported in and out of CallRail.