Port a Phone Number Away from CallRail

You can port your tracking numbers from CallRail to another provider (but we’d be sorry to see you go!) 

Port a Number Away from CallRail

If you wish to port your number out to another provider, the receiving provider will assist you with initiating the port. Due to issues outside our control, the process typically takes 4-6 weeks. During this time, do not close your CallRail account until you have confirmed that the port has completed successfully.


How do I port a number away from CallRail?

1. Contact support@callrail.com to authorize the port away with us.

2. Contact your new provider to initiate the porting process.

3. CallRail will receive a notification that the number will be ported and we will approve.

What should I do after the number is ported away?

1. Place a test call to your number from an unrelated number or another number that's not connected to your ported phone number.

2. Disable the number in CallRail.

Which numbers can be ported?

Currently, only local and toll-free US & Canadian phone numbers can be ported away from CallRail.  

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