Track Yahoo and Bing Ads

Yahoo and Bing do not reliably indicate which visitors are sent via PPC (vs organic). Thankfully, you can tag those URLs and increase your reporting accuracy to 100%

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Tag Yahoo and Bing URLs to increase reporting accuracy

How to tag Yahoo and Bing URLs

The addition of the "utm_medium=cpc" tag to your landing page URLs on your ad configuration page will improve the accuracy. We can typically identify the PPC visits based on the referrer alone, but the addition of the utm_medium tag will increase the accuracy to 100%.

For example, if your Destination URL in Bing Adcenter is "", you'd change it to "".

Note: If you have Bing auto-tagging enabled, you do not need to manually tag the URLs.

For more information on configuring Bing ads, we recommend reading this support article.