Swapping Phone Numbers in Images

CallRail's JavaScript snippet uses dynamic number insertion to swap phone numbers in your website, but what if the phone number is in an image? With a few small changes, you can swap images when you swap phone numbers.

Use this article to learn more about:

  • Swapping phone numbers in images

Getting Started

If you’re reading this, we’ll assume that dynamic number insertion is up and running for text numbers, and now you’d like to dynamically swap an image that contains a phone number.

If you haven’t installed your JavaScript snippet to enable dynamic number insertion, you can watch the video below and then come back to this guide.

Important Definitions

  • Destination Number: The number that rings at your business when one of your tracking numbers is called. This is where your calls are routed. Usually, your business number. 

  • Tracking Number: One or more telephone numbers that route to your destination number and allow you to track incoming leads. These tracking numbers replace your business number on your website using the JavaScript snippet's dynamic number insertion feature. 

Supported Image Placements

  • <img> tags: Dynamic image replacement supports images that are loaded from your HTML via an <img> tag.

  • CSS: Dynamic image replacement supports images that are loaded via CSS. To use dynamic image replacement with images loaded via CSS, you must add the class "cr_image" to the element that contains the targeted image.

Supported File Types

All common image formats can be swapped, including .gif, .jpg, and .png.

Set up Image Swapping

For this example, assume that header.gif is the name of an image that contains your destination phone number.

  1. Locate the images containing your phone number.

  2. If you are using images loaded via CSS, add the class "cr_image" to the element that contains the targeted image.

  3. Rename your image so that it contains your destination phone number in the file name.

    • Example: If your phone number is 555-444-3333, copy the image to header.5554443333.gif

  4. Using an image editor, create a new image for each tracking phone number. Save the image and follow the same naming convention. The file type must be the same for all images.

    • For example, if your tracking numbers are 555-111-2222 and 555-111-3333, create header.5551112222.gif and header.5551113333.gif

  5. Upload all of the images to your web server.

  6. Replace all references to header.gif with header.5554443333.gif

  7. You’re done! When you test dynamic number insertion, you’ll see that the image is swapped too!

Don’t Forget!

Because dynamic image replacement relies on existing images, be sure to create a new image for every new tracking number you create in CallRail.