Multichannel Call Attribution

If you’re using keyword-level tracking, you'll have multichannel call attribution. Multichannel call attribution gives you a better view of the caller's interaction path that lead to a phone call, including every source and page view that lead to a conversion.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Use your caller's timelines to see multichannel attribution
  • See a holistic view of your company's multichannel attribution with the Call Attribution report 

How it Works

Let’s say a visitor comes to your website through a Google AdWords advertisement. Two days later, they remember visiting your website and decide to visit again, this time finding your site by doing a Google Organic search. Five days later, they’re browsing the web and see your retargeting advertisement and visit your site using that link. With multichannel call attribution, you're able to see that the caller first came through Google AdWords, then came back through Google Organic, and finally through your retargeting campaign.

Multichannel Attribution Data

You can find Multichannel Attribution data in two places:

  1. Your Caller's Timeline: 


  2. The Call Attribution report:


Which source is reported to Google Analytics?

The first channel or source that a user came through is reported to Google Analytics.

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