Viewing Call Sources and Keywords in Google Analytics

In Google Analytics, you can view the Channel (source type) or Keyword (search term) that led to a phone call. This allows you a granular look at your call tracking data alongside the other campaigns you're tracking within Google Analytics.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • View the channels driving the most calls to your business
  • Drill down into channels to see referring sources for your channels

Getting Started

In order to see call data reporting in Google Analytics according to this support article, you'll need to ensure your Google Analytics integration is receiving data.

If you haven't already integrated with Google Analytics, use this article to set up your integration first. Then return to this article to see your call data in Analytics.

View Call Channels

  1. Once you're logged into Google Analytics, select Acquisition > All TrafficChannels.

  2. On the resulting table, select your call goal from the "Conversions" drop-down to show only the default channels for call goals.

View Referring Sources

To view more information about the referring sources for calls, select a channel under the Default Channel Grouping column. Be sure to select your phone call goal from the Conversions drop-down.

  • "Direct" shows the referring URL

  • "Paid Search" (and some "Organic Search") channels display the search terms (keywords):

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