Copilot Overview

CallRail Copilot allows you to view valuable information about a caller before you answer the phone. Accessing contextual information about the caller as the call is taking place makes Copilot the perfect tool for sales and support teams who rely on calls for new sales and exceptional customer service.

This real-time inbound call dashboard provides in-depth caller information gathered from connected email accounts, advertising campaigns, call logs, and premium caller ID databases.

Here's a quick guide on how to navigate CallRail Copilot.

What type of information is available in CallRail Copilot?

CallRail uses extended caller ID to obtain information in CallRail Copilot associated with each caller's phone number.

Interact with your customers:

With Copilot, you can place an outbound phone call to any telephone number through one of your tracking numbers. This includes returning calls to customers who have already dialed your tracking number, or placing arbitrary calls to another telephone number you wish to call. 

You're also able to initiate and respond to text messages within the Copilot Texts dashboard. Here, you can send text messages, write back to anyone who has initiated a conversation with you, and view any previous correspondence you (or someone else from your team) had with a customer.

See your callers in real time:

Copilot includes the 25 most recent callers to your tracking numbers. Callers will be divided into three different categories:

  • Calling Now: Customers who are currently calling your tracking phone number, but whose call has not yet been answered.
  • Active Calls: Customers who are currently speaking with a representative.
  • Recently: Customer who recently called your tracking phone numbers. This list will display the 25 most recent callers.

 Simply click on a caller ID to see the following information about the caller:

  • Occupation
  • Email address

We'll present any available information in respect to the above through our premium caller ID services.

Each caller will also have their own Timeline. The information presented on the timeline will look similar to the information you are able to access on the individual call details pages from your dashboard. This includes:

  • Previous calls from the customer
  • Call recordings
  • Web sessions (only available for keyword-level tracking numbers)
  • Visitor's source, including landing page URLs and referring URLs (only available for keyword-level tracking numbers)

Additionally, there is a Search tab available for each caller. This section will contain web search results associated with the caller's phone number.

Combine your CallRail data with your third-party integrations:

Copilot will gather caller information from your third-party integrations, including Gmail, FullStory, PipelineDealsHubSpot, and Optimizely. Selecting the respective tabs within Copilot will populate the data CallRail is sending and receiving from these third party integrations.

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