Calls by Day & Time

The Calls by Day & Time report provides details on the number of calls received on each day of the week, as well as within each hour in a day. You can use this report to understand your peak call times and to see how your calls trend daily or weekly.

Getting Started

This report is available at the company-level within your account.


Calls by Day & Time Report Overview

Use these instructions to access your Calls by Day & Time report.

  1. Click Analytics from the navigation bar on the left.

  2. Select Reports at the top of the page.

  3. Choose Calls by Day & Time from the Behavior header in the menu on the left.

  4. View and interact with your Calls by Day & Time report. Use the filter panel at the top of the report to determine which companies and types of calls you'd like to see in your desired time frame. Hover over your bar graphs to see a breakdown of repeat calls vs. first-time calls. 

  5. If you choose to drill-down further, select Add Filter and pick additional filters you'd like for your report. This drop-down only shows if you're adding filters.

  6. Note: For a closer study of each type of call received during a particular day of the week, click on the desired number in the table. After doing so, click the Edit Columns button to choose which metrics you'd like to see highlighted within the table. 

Export and Print Report

You can print, save your report to a PDF file, or export your report to an Excel file.

  1. Select Export at the top of the table.

  2. Choose Excel to download an Excel file of your report. If you choose to export to Excel, your report will include a cover sheet that details the filters you used to create your report.

  3. Select PDF Instructions and follow your browser-specific directions to save the report as a PDF file. You can also view this help article for more details.

  4. Click Print to print your report with the current filters and grouping applied.