Unique Callers

The Unique Callers report provides an overview of the calls received from a specific telephone number. At the top of the report, you'll see the telephone number that calls you the most, and specific details about the campaigns, and the most recent calls from your top callers.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Access your Unique Callers report
  • Filter and sort your reporting data
  • Export your report to a CSV file

Getting Started

CallRail defines callers by their telephone number. Unique callers in this report will be populated by their caller ID information.

Unique Callers Overview

Use these instructions to access your Unique Callers report for a specific company.

  1. Choose the company whose Unique Callers Report you'd like to view. 

  2. Click Activity at the top of the page.

  3. Select Unique Callers from within Calls on the menu to the left.

  4. View and interact with your Unique Callers report.
    • The Phone Number column shows the caller's telephone number.
    • The Name column shows the caller's name as configured by their telephone carrier.
    • The Source Name column displays the tracking number the caller dialed.
    • The Source Type column shows the campaign being tracked.
    • The Most Recent Call column displays a timestamp of the last time a call was received by this telephone number.
    • The Total Calls column shows how many calls have been received by this telephone number.
    • The Longest Call column provides call length for the longest call from this telephone number.
    • The Average Call column provides the average call length of calls from this telephone number.

Filtering Report Data

Apply filters to your reporting data to find callers that fit specific criteria. Some filters do not apply to specific reports and will be automatically disabled in the filter panel. For example, call “Direction” and “Answer Status” do not apply to the Form Attribution report and cannot be selected as filters.

Learn more about using activity and report filters in this help article.

Export CSV of Report

You can export the data from your Unique Callers report to a CSV file.

  1. Select Export to CSV at the top of the page.

  2. A download will begin in your browser. Once your download finishes, you can open the spreadsheet in Excel or another software of your choice.


What's the difference between a first-time caller and a unique caller?

A unique caller represents a call from the same person (distinguished by caller ID information). If you receive a call from the same person, but they call you from two different telephone numbers, they would count as two unique callers.

A unique caller is not necessarily the same as a new caller because repeat callers will make up the data in your Unique Callers report, while a new caller would be someone calling you for the first time.