The Voicemail report provides voicemail transcriptions for calls received by your CallRail tracking numbers. Transcriptions will appear here for tracking numbers that have a Voicemail step configured in the Call Flow Builder with voicemail transcriptions enabled.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Access your Voicemail report
  • Filter and sort your reporting data

Getting Started

To see transcriptions in your Voicemail report, you'll need to have voicemail transcriptions enabled. 

Learn more about Voicemail Transcriptions in this help article.

Voicemail Report Overview

  1. Choose the company whose Voicemail Report you'd like to view. 

  2. Click Activity at the top of the page.

  3. Select Voicemail from the Calls section in the left menu.

  4. View and interact with your Voicemail report. 
    • The Number Name column displays the tracking number that received the voicemail.
    • The Time column shows the timestamp when the voicemail was received.
    • The Name column displays the caller ID of the caller that left the voicemail.
    • The Phone Number column shows the number that left the voicemail.
    • The City column shows the city associated with the telephone number.
    • The Duration column shows how long the call lasted, including ring time before the caller left the voicemail.
    • The Transcription column provides the human-powered transcription of the voicemail.
    • The Tag column shows any call tag assigned to the call.
    • You can click directly to the callers Timeline, place a Note on the call, or Play the voicemail by clicking the buttons in the last column.

Filtering Report Data

Apply filters to your reporting data to find callers that fit specific criteria. Some filters do not apply to specific reports and will be automatically disabled in the filter panel. For example, call “Direction” and “Answer Status” do not apply to the Form Attribution report and cannot be selected as filters.

Learn more about using activity and report filters in this help article.