Create a Number to Track Facebook Ads

To create tracking numbers for countries outside the United States and Canada, a member of our team will need to update your account first. Read this article to learn more about call tracking in your country.

If you'd like to use a tracking number in your Facebook ads, we recommend creating a number that's tracking a landing page parameter. Once your number is active, you'll tag your landing page URL with the same parameter you're using on your tracking number. Our JavaScript snippet will detect the parameter when a visitor comes to your website, and swap in the appropriate Facebook tracking number using dynamic number insertion.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Create a tracking number for a Facebook ad

Getting Started

In order for your web referral tracking number to swap as expected, install the JavaScript snippet to enable dynamic number insertion.

To read more about tracking using landing page parameters, you can read Facebook's help article.

Once your tracking number is active, tag your Facebook ads with the same landing page parameter that you entered in CallRail.

Create a Facebook Ad Tracking Number

  1. Click the + in the upper-right corner of the page and select Create Number.

  2. Choose the company where you'd like to add your new tracking number.

  3. The new number wizard will appear on your screen. The first question asks, "Where do you want to use this tracking number?" Select I’ll use it online.

  4. Select On my website since this tracking number will dynamically replace the telephone number on your website.

  5. Select Track a marketing campaign since this number targets visitors who match your Facebook campaign settings.

  6. Name your tracking number for your reports, and enter the forwarding number where your calls should route. Then, click Next: Tracking Options.

  7. Select Landing Params as the tracking source and enter your campaign parameters. Then, click Next: Choose a Phone Number.


  8. Choose your tracking phone number from the list of available numbers. If you want your number to have a different area code, click Numbers in a specific country or area code and enter your preferred area code. Then, click Next: Number Features.

  9. Configure your whisper message and call recording. When you're finished, click Activate Tracking Number.

  10. To purchase an Australian or UK tracking number, please provide an address to associate with the tracking number. This does not have to be a local address, and can be your business's main address. If you're purchasing a French tracking number, a local French address is required. We'll save this address for future tracking numbers in the same area.

  11. Once you've completed the number creation process, you can choose one of the suggested next steps to further configure your new tracking number, or Go to Activity Dashboard to close the number creation wizard.