View Disabled Call Logs

Your disabled call logs provide the reporting data for tracking numbers that have been disabled. 

To access your disabled tracking number's reports, you'll select the date range for when the number was active. 

Viewing Disabled Call Logs

  1. Select Analytics from the navigation bar on the left.

  2. Click Tracking at the top of the page.

  3. Choose the company that contains the disabled tracking number(s).

  4. A list of your active tracking numbers will be displayed. Select Disabled in the upper-right corner, directly above your list of numbers.

  5. Click the View Calls icon at the far right of the row for the tracking number you'd like to view.


  6. Use the filter panel at the top of the report to choose the date range you'd like to view for your disabled number's calls. Make sure it is a period when the number was active.

  7. View the call log for your disabled number.


Filtering Report Data

Apply filters to your reporting data to find callers that fit specific criteria. Some filters do not apply to specific reports and will be automatically disabled in the filter panel. For example, call “Direction” and “Answer Status” do not apply to the Form Attribution report and cannot be selected as filters.

Learn more about using activity and report filters in this help article.