Tags are a helpful way to sort and categorize your calls and form submissions. Each company in your account has its own set of tags that can be created, edited, and color-coded to help you sort your data faster. 

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Create tags
  • Color code your tags
  • Add tags to calls and form submissions
  • Filter calls on your dashboard by tag

Getting Started

Tags are company-dependent within your account. There’s no limit on how many tags you’re able to add to a company. You can also assign multiple tags to a single call or form.

Editing a tag will change the tag in every place it’s currently assigned. Removing a tag will remove it automatically from any call flow and phone call it’s been assigned to.

Set up Tags

Follow the instructions below to configure tags for a specific company in your account.

  1. Choose the company whose tags you’d like to set up.


  2. Click Settings at the top of the page.


  3. Select Tags within the Workflow menu.


  4. You’ll see a list of pre-populated tags. You can create, edit, or delete any of these tags. To add more tags, click + Add Tag at the bottom of the list.


  5. Click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.


Color Coding Tags

Applying colors to each of your tags allows you to quickly and visually differentiate between the types of calls and forms you receive. By default, the background color of any tag is gray, but you can choose different colors for each set of tags in each company. Once a color has been assigned to a tag, all assigned tags will update to reflect the new color.

  1. From the tags customization page (outlined above), select the Edit (pencil) icon for the tag whose color you'd like to change


  2. Choose the color you'd like to apply to that tag.


  3. Click Save to update your settings.


Adding Tags to a Call

You can apply a tag to a call from several places within CallRail.

  1. Add a tag on your call log by clicking + in the "Tags" column.


  2. From the recording playback box by clicking + next to "Tags."


  3. On a caller’s timeline in Lead Center by clicking Edit Tag, Note, & Value. Click + Tag and apply the tag(s) of your choice.


You can also apply tags automatically using the Call Flow Builder and Keypad Scoring. For more information on these features, read these help articles:

Adding Tags to a Form Submission

Tags can also be used for form submissions you've received.

  1. Select Activity at the top of the page.


  2. Select Form Submissions in the left menu. 


  3. Add a tag to your form log by clicking + in the "Tags" column and picking the tag you'd like to apply.


  4. Alternatively, you can add a tag to a form submission by clicking the Form Data icon and adding a tag within the panel at the bottom of the screen.


Adding the Tag Column to Your Activity Dashboard

In order to see a call’s tag on your activity dashboard, you’ll want to ensure the Tag column has been added to your dashboard.

  1. Select Activity at the top of the page.


  2. Click Table Settings from beneath the call graph.


  3. Select the checkbox next to Tag to add this column to your dashboard.


Filter by Tag

You can apply a filter to your dashboard and reports to see calls and forms that have been assigned specific tags. Filtering your data by tags is a quick way for granular insight into your customer interactions.

  1. At the top of the Activity dashboard or the report of your choice, select Filter by.


  2. Select the tag(s) that you’d like to see. You can choose as many tags as you’d like.


  3. Once you’ve selected your tag(s), your activity log or report will update accordingly.

You can also filter which calls report to your third-party integrations by tag. For more information on how to set an integration filter for tags, read this support article:

Create integration triggers using tags.

Creating Tags at the Account-Level (Admins Only)

If you're an administrator for your CallRail account, you can create a set of tags that apply to every single company in your account. These tags can only be created and edited by administrators since these tag settings apply to all companies.

  1. Click the account drop-down at the top of the page, then click Manage Account.


  2. Choose Tags from within the Manage list in the left menu.


  3. Click + Add Tag to create a new tag that will be available to all companies in your account.


  4. You can change the color of the tag by clicking the Edit icon on the right-hand side of the page, and then by selecting the color swatch icon in the table.


  5. If you need to remove a tag, click the Delete icon.
    Note: This removes this tag from all call flows and phone calls that it's been applied to in your account.

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