Calls by Keyword

The Calls by Keyword provides a tiered breakdown of the marketing channels and keywords customers are using to find your business. You can use this report to see which keywords are working best for your campaigns, and how different keyword searches perform for first-time callers.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Access your Calls by Keyword report
  • Filter and sort your reporting data
  • Export and print your Time to First Call report

Getting Started

In order to capture visitor's keywords and correlate it with their calls, this report requires keyword-level tracking with the dynamic number insertion script installed on your website.

Calls by Keyword Overview

Use these instructions to access your Calls by Keyword report for a specific company.

  1. Choose the company whose Calls by Keyword report you'd like to view.

  2. Click Reports at the top of the page.

  3. Select Acquisition from the secondary menu, then click Calls by Keyword.

  4. View and interact with your Calls by Keyword report. Select or deselect the sources listed beneath your bar graphs to adjust your graph and focus on only a certain kind of caller. Or, hover over your bar graphs to see a breakdown of sources.

  5. The columns below the graph chart illustrate which sources and campaigns are bringing calls to your business.

    • The Medium column provides the visitor's channel.
    • The Source column provides the specific source the visitor used to find the website.
    • The Keyword column provides the keyword searches that you are bidding on that are driving traffic to your website.
    • The Total Calls column provides the total number of calls received by the listed keyword search.
    • The First Time Callers column provides the total number of callers that were new callers. This total is included within the "Total Calls" column as well.
    • The Total Duration column shows how many minutes are attributed to calls received within this date range for this keyword search.
    • The Average Duration column provides the median amount of minutes that are attributed to calls received within this date range for this keyword search.

Reading Your Keywords Report

The keyword data in the table beneath the bar graphs show the different keywords received by each channel. Each line in the table is a subset of the line above it. Use this example table to understand how to interpret your Calls by Keyword report.

  • In line 1, the report shows that all sources and all keywords for CPC visitors generated 68 calls. Of these 68 calls, 42 callers were first-time callers.
  • In line 2, the report shows that Google Paid visitors and all keywords for Google Paid visitors generated 63 calls. Of these 63 calls, 39 callers were first-time callers. Additionally, this means that 63 of the 68 calls reporting for CPC visitors were from Google Paid.
  • In line 3, the report shows that all 8 total calls from Google Paid visitors used keywords, "seo immediately" to find the website. Of those 8 calls, 4 callers were first-time callers.

Filtering Report Data

You can apply filters to your reporting data to find callers that fit specific criteria.

  1. Select All Filters from the top of the page.

  2. Select your filters to sort your data, or choose one of your saved filters by clicking the folder icon.

    • Filter by Date Range to see calls within a specific set of dates.
    • Filter by Agent to see calls placed and received by a specific Agent.
    • Filter by Number to see calls placed or received by a specific tracking number.
    • Filter by Source to find calls with specific referring data. Type in the source you'd like to see to find calls in this filter set (ie. "Direct" or "Google Paid").
    • Filter by Lead Status to see calls that were marked as leads.
    • Filter by Tag to see calls that have been assigned a specific call tag.
    • Filter by Direction to see inbound or outbound calls.
    • Filter by Answer Status to find calls that were answered, missed, or reached a voicemail.
    • Filter by Duration to see calls that lasted longer than a certain number of minutes or seconds.
    • Filter by Device Type to see callers who accessed your website using their desktop or mobile device.
    • Filter by Keyword to search for the keywords you're bidding on that brought calls into your business.
    • Filter by Campaign to search for a specific campaign that brought calls into your business.
    • Filter by Landing to search for a specific landing page on your site, and to find the calls that came from that page.
    • Filter by Referrer to search for a specific third-party search engine or website that brought calls into your business.

  3. You can select the checkbox for First-time callers only to find calls that not only meet your filter criteria but also came from new callers (based on the telephone number your customer called from). 

  4. Select Apply at the bottom to update your call log with the selected filters. You can also save this filter set for future use by clicking Save Filters, or click Reset to start fresh with no filters.

Export and Print Report

You can print your Calls by Keyword report, or export it to a CSV file.

  1. Select Export from beneath the bar graph.

    • Choose CSV to download a CSV file of your report with the current filters applied.
    • Click Print to print your report with the current filters applied.
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