Create a New Number

CallRail's number creation wizard guides you through creating a tracking number for your campaigns. Each time you create a new number, you'll answer a few simple questions about your campaign. Then, you'll pick your tracking number and configure your whisper message and recording preferences. After you've completed these few steps, your tracking number will be active and can start taking calls immediately.

To create new tracking numbers for countries outside the United States and Canada, a member of our team will need to update your account first. Read this article to learn more about call tracking in your country.

Getting Started

For instructions on setting up a specific type tracking number, choose from one of the articles listed in this help section.

The video below includes more information about tracking numbers and website pools. Watch it to learn more about how to create a website pool that tracks all the marketing sources that lead to your website, including Google Ads. It also covers how to create an offline tracking number for print materials as a single-source tracking number.

Create a New Number

Tracking numbers are company-dependent within your account. Use these instructions as a guide to creating a new tracking number for an online or offline campaign.

  1. Click the Create (+) icon in the navigation bar on the left and select Phone Number.

  2. Choose the company where you'd like to add your new tracking number. 

  3. The new number wizard will appear on your screen. The first question asks, "Where do you want to use this tracking number?"

    - Select I'll use it online to create a number for a web campaign.

    - Select I'll use it offline to create a number for an offline campaign.
  4. If you select I'll use it online, you'll indicate where you'd like to use this tracking number.

    - Select Calls, keywords, & web sessions to create a website pool that tracks all marketing sources that lead to your website. 

    - Select Calls only to create an online tracking number that doesn't lead to your website (like a click-to-call or an ad extension).

    For more details on setting up a specific type tracking number, choose from one of the articles listed in this help section

Next, you will be taken through the final steps to activate a new tracking number.

  1. Enter your Number Name and Forwarding Number, then click Tracking Options.

    - The Number Name is the name of this tracking number for your reports.

    - The Forwarding Number is the phone number that your incoming calls will be forwarded to (typically this is the primary business number).

  2. Select the type of visitors you want to track (this is important if you use CallRail's JavaScript snippet on your website). Then click Choose a Phone Number.

  3. Choose your tracking phone number from the list of available numbers. If you want your number to have a different area code, select Toll-free numbers or Numbers in a specific country or area code. Then, click Number Features.

  4. Configure your whisper message and call recording. When you're finished, click Activate Tracking Number.

  5. To purchase an Australian or UK tracking number, please provide an address to associate with the tracking number. This does not have to be a local address, and can be your business's main address. 

  6. Once you've completed the number creation process, you can choose one of the suggested next steps to further configure your new tracking number, or Go to Activity Dashboard to close the number creation wizard.


Can I create a vanity or alphanumeric number with CallRail?

We don't provide vanity numbers, but we'd be happy to help you port a vanity number into your CallRail account to use as a tracking number if you purchase it somewhere else. Two websites we recommend are and Once you purchase your vanity number, you can follow these instructions to port your new number to CallRail:

Port a Number to CallRail