Disable a Phone Number

You can disable a tracking phone number by navigating to that number's configuration page. Once a tracking number has been disabled, it will be released from your account, and calls to that tracking number will no longer be forwarded to your business.

Getting Started

Disabling a tracking number will permanently remove this number from your account, but keep your reports in place. This action is immediate and cannot be undone.

Disable a Tracking Number

  1. Choose the company whose tracking number you'd like to disable.

  2. Click Tracking at the top of the page.

  3. Select for the number you’d like to disable by clicking either the number name or the pencil icon at the far right of its row on the list of active numbers.

  4. Click the button in the upper right-hand corner of the page that says Disable Number.

  5. To confirm this action, click Permanently disable this tracking number to disable the tracking phone number.


Can I delete a tracking number?

It's not possible to "delete" a phone number; however, disabling a phone number will deactivate the selected number while still allowing you access to all historical data associated with the disabled tracking number(s).