Outbound Call Recording

CallRail allows your team to record outbound phone calls that are placed through your tracking phone numbers. Once this feature is enabled, you can replay recorded calls from your call log after a call has ended. 

Getting Started: Important Legal Notice

There are different laws that apply to call recording, so check your current state and federal laws before using this feature. Some states require both parties to consent to any recorded conversation, while other states require one party to consent to the recording. 

In order to record outbound calls, an administrator will need to enable outbound call recording for your CallRail account.

To learn how to place outbound calls, watch the video below.

Set up Outbound Call Recording

When an administrator turns on outbound call recording, it will turn this feature on for all companies within the account.

  1. Click the Account icon in the top left, then choose Account Settings.

  2. Click Details in the left menu under "Manage."

  3. Click the checkbox to Allow my team to record outbound calls.

  4. Select Update Account to save your changes.

Record an Outbound Call

When placing an outbound call through one of your tracking numbers, you'll be able to select Record Call before beginning your call. Once the call has ended, the call recording will be available in your call log.

You will need to click Record Call before each outbound call that you would like to record.

Listen to Recorded Outbound Calls

CallRail provides two ways to listen to your recorded outbound phone calls:

  1. By navigating to your call log and clicking the play button at the right of a call's row.

  2. By navigating to the caller's timeline from the Activity page and playing the call through the built-in audio player:
    • Click to access the caller's timeline.


    • Click the playback button at the top of the page.


Does call recording cost extra?

Nope! Call recording is included in the base price of your account; there's no additional cost associated with using this feature.

How long are my recordings stored?

Call recordings are stored indefinitely.

Why are my recordings shorter than the length of the call?

Call recordings are typically shorter than the call duration because CallRail automatically trims off the silence at the beginning of the call, as well as the time that the caller spends on the phone while it is ringing.

Am I able to pause call recording in the middle of a call?

It’s not possible to pause call recording in the middle of a call; however, you are able to disable call recording on an existing tracking number to comply with legal or privacy needs.

Can I delete a call recording?

CallRail’s support team is able to delete recordings for you on the backend of your account. You can reach out to us with a list of the call URLs you’d like to be removed, and we’ll follow up once we’ve completed the task.

Can I download my recordings in bulk?

At this time, there’s not a way to bulk download recordings. If you’d like to download your recordings, you’ll navigate to the timeline for each call you’d like to download using the last set of instructions in this article.

I have call outbound recording turned on, but I don't see my recording yet.

If you've confirmed outbound call recording is on for your tracking numbers, it may just be taking a few minutes for your call recording to appear in our system. In most cases, if you have several long calls that aren't uploading fast enough, we recommend giving it a few minutes, as recording files are significantly larger than most data CallRail displays.