Missed Calls

Get details on the number of missed calls on each day of the week, as well as within each hour in a day. You can use this report to understand your peak call times and to ensure calls are being answered accordingly.

Getting Started

CallRail defines a missed call as any inbound call that is unanswered, results in an automatically detected voicemail, or is detected as abandoned. Calls received by a voicemail step in the Call Flow Builder are also considered to be missed. 

A call answered by a phone system outside of CallRail is considered an answered call. Any call answered by a person or an automated system in which the customer didn't leave a voicemail also is considered an answered call.

This report is available at the company-level within your account.


Missed Calls Report Overview

Use these instructions to access your Missed Calls report for a specific company.

  1. Click Analytics in the navigation bar on the left, then select Reports at the top of the page.

  2. Click on Missed Calls from the Behavior list of reports in the left menu.

  3. View and interact with your Missed Calls report. Use the filter bar to select whether you'd like to view missed calls by day of week or by hour of day. Your table will adjust accordingly. You can hover over your bar graphs to see a breakdown of answered calls vs. missed calls. You can also view a chart that shows the percentage of calls that were missed. You can click on the numbers within the table to be taken to a separate page featuring details about missed calls for that time period. If desired, you can add filters by clicking Add Filter in the filter bar. 

  4. The columns within the table illustrate how many calls were missed each hour of the day during the date range selected at the top of the page.

Export and Print Report

You can print or export your report to an Excel file. 

  1. Select Export at the top of the table.

  2. Choose Excel to download an Excel file of your report. If you choose to export to Excel, your report will include a cover sheet that details the filters you used to create your report.

  3. Choose PDF Instructions if you want details about how to save your report as a PDF file.

  4. Click Print to print your report with the current filters and grouping applied.