Source Tracking Basics

Source-level call tracking is the easiest way to get started with call tracking.

Source-level tracking allows you to use a unique tracking phone number for each marketing campaign you want to track. For instance, you might want to track calls from Google visitors, a yellow pages ad, and a direct mail campaign-- so you'd create three tracking numbers total, one tracking number for each source, and forward each number to your main business phone number.





Google PPC 

Yahoo & Bing PPC 

Organic Search Results 

Directory Websites 

Facebook Pages 

Web Referrals 

Landing Pages

Yellow Pages

Direct Mail 

Print Ads 

TV & Radio Commercials 

Flyers & Brochures 


Call Extensions


Available Data

When you use a source tracking number, you'll receive the following information about each of your calls:

  • The name of the tracking number that received the call.
  • The channel or campaign source of the call (this is important if you use our dynamic number insertion feature on your website)
  • The tracking number that received the call
  • Date and time of the call
  • The caller's caller ID information, including their name and telephone as configured by their carrier.
  • City
  • Duration of the call
  • A visitor timeline that includes inbound and outbound calls associated with a caller

Source Tracking Timeline Data

  1. On your call log, click Timeline for the call you’d like to view.

  2. View your caller's timeline, which includes all of the information listed above.



Can I integrate with Google Analytics?

Yes, you can integrate and send call data to Google Analytics with source-level tracking.

Can I integrate with Google Ads?

You won't be able to see your call conversions in Google Ads with source level tracking numbers. To see your call conversions in Google Ads, you'll need to use keyword level tracking.

When should I use dynamic number insertion?

You can install CallRail's JavaScript code for dynamic number insertion to display a number to your website visitors without changing the phone number in the HTML.

Do I need a different JavaScript code for every number?

Nope! We keep it simple by making the JavaScript code company-specific. Every number you create under one company within your account will use the same dynamic number insertion script.