Types of Call Tracking

CallRail offers two types of call tracking:

Source-Level Call Tracking

Create one phone number per marketing campaign. Use the number directly on offline marketing collateral or use CallRail's JavaScript snippet to dynamically swap the phone number on your website with a CallRail tracking number.

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Keyword-Level Call Tracking

Get detailed analytics on calls from Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns. Discover which search keywords (Bing/Yahoo organic and all PPC) are driving phone conversions.

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Available Features

  Keyword Tracking  Source Tracking 

Dynamic Number Insertion  

Google Analytics Integration 

Google Ads Integration 

Form Tracking

Text Messages

Visitor Timeline

Call Flow Builder

Email Notifications

Call Recording

Outbound Calling

Multi-Channel Attribution

Company Summary Emails


Can I receive faxes through my CallRail phone number?

CallRail's tracking numbers are unable to track, send, or receive faxes.

Can I purchase a vanity number from CallRail?

While CallRail can replace a vanity number on your website, we're not a reseller for vanity or alphanumeric tracking numbers. If you have a vanity number you'd like to use for call tracking purposes, you can port it into CallRail free of charge.

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