Suspend an Account

Because we don’t require long-term contracts, you’re able to suspend your CallRail account at any time. When you suspend your account, your tracking numbers will be released immediately, and calls will no longer route to your business.

Before You Go!

If you have a specific problem or question we can help with, we’d love the opportunity to help. Please contact our support team-- we’d be happy to help resolve any outstanding concerns you may have.

After your account is suspended, your phone numbers will be released and they cannot be recovered. Please be certain that you no longer need your tracking numbers before suspending your account.

Suspending Your Account

  1. Choose Account at the top of the page, then click Billing.


  2. Click the link on the righthand side of the page to Suspend this account.

  3. On the account cancellation page, please take a minute to share with us why you decided not to use CallRail. Your feedback is vital as we continue to improve our service.

  4. Click Suspend… to suspend your account.


How can I re-open an account that I suspend?

To gain access to a suspended account, log into your account using the same username and password as before. Once you log into the account, you'll enter your billing information to restore the account. All historical data associated with your tracking numbers will be available in the account; however, your tracking numbers will have been released.

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