Quick Texts

Quick Texts are reusable text messages you can use to text your customers. Use Quick Texts to respond to missed calls with a text message, or to send appointment reminders and promotions without having to write a new message each time.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Create a quick text
  • Send a quick text

Getting Started

All text message interactions take place in Lead Center. Instead of being forwarded to your destination number, you can use CallRail's mobile app to send and receive text messages from your tracking numbers.

A text "conversation" is CallRail's method of grouping and displaying data. A conversation is defined as any one-to-one chat conversation over a 24 period between 12 AM and 11:59 PM. Each day's conversation will exist separately from one another. The customer continues to see your text messages on their mobile device as a continuous conversation.

Only local U.S. and Canadian tracking numbers are able to send and receive text messages.

Learn more about text message analytics in CallRail.

Creating a Quick Text

Quick Texts are company-dependent within your account. Follow these instructions for each company where you’d like to use Quick Texts.

  1. Choose the company where you’d like to add a Quick Text.


  2. Click Settings at the top of the page.


  3. Select Quick Texts within the Tools list.


  4. Select + Add Quick Text to create a new message.


  5. Add a title to your new message and enter your message text.


  6. Click Save to create your quick text.


Sending a Quick Text

You can send Quick Texts from Lead Center. Repeat the steps listed below for each Quick Text you’d like to send.

  1. Click Lead Center at the bottom of the page.


  2. Select the Texts tab.


  3. Click the button to Send a Text Message to begin a new text conversation.


  4. In the From drop-down, select the tracking number that you’d like to appear on the caller ID of the text recipient, and enter the telephone number where you'd like to send your message.


  5. Choose a Quick Text you've created by clicking the Quick Text drop-down. You can make any changes needed to your Quick Text before sending it or save a new message as a Quick Text using the checkbox.


  6. Click Send when finished.



Can I send a Quick Text in bulk to multiple numbers?

It's not possible to send a single message to more than one recipient. If you'd like to send the same text message to more than one person, we recommend creating that message as a Quick Text as outlined above and sending the Quick Text to every number you're looking to message.

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