PipelineDeals Integration

PipelineDeals is a sales CRM you can use to manage leads and understand your sales pipeline. CallRail integrates with your existing PipelineDeals account by creating leads and attaching notes about calls and text messages received by your tracking numbers. CallRail will also create a new lead in your PipelineDeals account if there is no existing lead with the same telephone number already in your PipelineDeals account.

Getting Started

To send data to PipelineDeals from CallRail, you’ll first create the following 2 person custom fields as text fields in your PipelineDeals account settings using this PipelineDeals support article:

  1. CallRail Number
  2. CallRail Tracker Name

You’ll also need your API key from your PipelineDeals account to complete the integration. Your PipelineDeals API key can be accessed by any admin by logging into PipelineDeals and navigating to Account Settings > PipelineDeals API.

Integrating with PipelineDeals

CallRail’s integration with PipelineDeals is company-dependent in your account. Follow the instructions below for each company you’d like to integrate with PipelineDeals.

  1. Click Settings at the top of the page.

  2. Choose the company you’d like to integrate with PipelineDeals.

  3. Select All Integrations from the Integrations menu on the left.

  4. Choose PipelineDeals from the list of available integrations.

  5. Enter your API key from your PipelineDeals account. You can find your API key in the Admin section of your PipelineDeals account.

  6. Click Save to activate your integration.

Disabling PipelineDeals Integration

Disabling a company's PipelineDeals integration will prevent your call data from reporting to your PipelineDeals account. We'll keep your integration credentials saved in case you'd like to re-activate your integration in the future.

  1. Click Settings at the top of the page.

  2. Choose the company whose integration you'd like to disable.

  3. Select All Integrations from the Integrations menu on the left.

  4. Choose PipelineDeals from the list of integrations.

  5. Select Disable Integration on the right side of the page.

  6. Click Disable to turn off your integration.