Call and Text Notifications

Create notifications for incoming calls and text messages to your tracking numbers. You can customize your notifications to receive alerts about specific interactions with calls, like missed calls, voicemails, first-time callers, or calls matching a specific tag. You can also choose the alert type, including email notifications, live desktop notifications, or mobile notifications.

Getting Started

Any CallRail user can adjust their personal notification preferences by using the first set of instructions below. For Manager and Administrator users, use the second set of instructions to adjust notification settings for any user in a company you have access to. 

In order to receive mobile notifications, you’ll need to have CallRail’s app installed on your mobile device or tablet. Mobile notifications will not appear otherwise.

Learn more about CallRail’s mobile app in this help article.

Set up Your Notifications

Use these instructions to create or update the notification settings for the login email address you use. You can add as many custom alerts as you’d like for your username.

  1. Click the Account icon in the top left to open the My Account panel, then click My Profile.

  2. Select Email Settings under My Notifications in the left menu.

  3. Under the Call and Text Notifications section, click + Add Notification. To edit an existing notification, click the Pencil icon on the righthand side of the page.

  4. Configure your notification preferences.

    - Select a Company to create a notification to receive alerts for a specific company in your account.

    - Select a Number to pick a tracking number you'd like to receive alerts for.

    - Select an Interaction to choose the type of call you'd like an alert for, including alerts for text messages to your tracking numbers.

    - Select the Alert Type, including Email, Desktop, or Mobile notifications.

    - Choose whether to  Filter by CallScore if you have the feature enabled in your account.

  5. Click Create to activate your new notification or Update if you’re editing your notification.

Set up Notifications for Other Users

If you’re an administrator, you can create and edit any user’s notifications on your account. Client Manager users are able to create and edit a user’s notifications in any company they’re assigned to.

  1. Click the Account icon in the top left to open the My Account panel, then click Account Settings.

  2. Select your Users from the menu on the left.

  3. Click the loudspeaker icon at the right end of a user's row to go to their Notifications page.

  4. Select + Add Notification to create a new notification or edit an existing notification by clicking the Pencil icon on the righthand side of the page.

  5. Choose the user whose notification you're editing or creating, and configure their notification preferences.

  6. Click Create to activate their new notification, or Update if you’re editing a notification.

Call Notification Sample

Below is a sample of a typical call notification email you'd receive when a tracking number is called: