Update Credit Card Information

Any administrator on an account can update the billing information on your CallRail account. Whether you’re adding a new credit card to the account, or changing your billing information to a different credit card number, follow the instructions below.

Getting Started

An administrator is the only type of user that can change or access credit card information on an account.

Each CallRail account can only have one credit card number on file.

Updating Your Credit Card

  1. Click the Account icon in the top left to open the My Account panel, then click Account Settings

  2. Choose Billing from within the Manage list in the left menu.

  3. Click Change from the Payment Method section to update your credit card.

  4. Enter in your credit card information, and click Update Credit Card when finished to save your new information.


Why won’t my credit card information update?

If you’re having trouble entering your credit card information, we recommend first double-checking the zip code and CVV associated with the billing address of the card you’d like to use.

In the event that you have any questions regarding the billing information on your account, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.