Gmail Integration for Copilot

Integrating CallRail with your Gmail account allows you to view previous email interaction you've had with a caller in Copilot by searching for their phone number in your Gmail account. The email correspondence will be available each time a caller dials one of your tracking numbers if you've spoken with them via email before.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Integrate your CallRail with your Gmail account
  • Find your email correspondence with a caller within Copilot

Getting Started

This integration with Gmail is user-dependent within your CallRail account. Each user in your CallRail account who would like to see their email interactions in Copilot should follow the instructions below for their own login.

Integrating with Gmail

  1. Click your login initials at the top of the page, then click My Applications.


  2. Select the Profile tab, then click My Applications.


  3. Select Configure on the Gmail integration option.

  4. Click + Add Account.

  5. You'll be directed to a Google page where you can select the Gmail account you'd like to integrate. Click Accept to allow offline access.

Your Gmail Data in CallRail

Once you receive a call from a customer you've corresponded with via Gmail, your conversation with that caller will appear in Copilot.

  1. Choose the company whose email conversation you'd like to access.

  2. Click Copilot at the top of the page.

  3. Select the caller whose email correspondence you’d like to review.

  4. Select Mail from the caller’s timeline. Copilot will update to include the latest email correspondence you've had with the caller. You can click the subject line link to open the email in your Gmail account.

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