Qualified Lead Funnel

The Qualified Lead Funnel report provides a breakdown of how many of your callers become qualified leads. Using this information, you can see which of your marketing sources are driving the most calls to your business, and how many of those calls translate to high-quality leads.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Access your Qualified Lead Funnel report
  • Filter and sort your reporting data
  • Export and print your Qualified Lead Funnel report

Getting Started

In order to access this report, the Qualified Lead Classification feature will need to be active.

Learn more about using CallScore, the automated lead classification feature.

Qualified Lead Funnel Overview

  1. Choose the company whose Qualified Lead Funnel report you'd like to view.


  2. Click Reports from the top of the page.


  3. Select Qualified Lead Funnel from within the Acquisition list.


  4. View and interact with your Qualified Lead Funnel report.


    • Callers are visitors to your website that dialed one of your keyword tracking numbers.
    • QLs are callers that have been classified as a qualified lead using CallScore or manual lead classification.

  5. The columns below the pie chart illustrate which sources and campaigns bring callers into your business and how many of these callers became qualified leads.


Filtering Report Data

Apply filters to your reporting data to find callers that fit specific criteria. Some filters do not apply to specific reports and will be automatically disabled in the filter panel. For example, call “Direction” and “Answer Status” do not apply to the Form Attribution report and cannot be selected as filters.

Learn more about using activity and report filters in this help article.

Export and Print Report

You can print your report, or export the data from the report to a CSV file.

  1. Select Export from beneath the Qualified Lead Funnel.

    • Choose CSV to download a CSV file of your report with the current filters and grouping applied.
    • Click Print to print your report with the current filters and grouping applied.
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