Adding Tracking Parameters to your URLs

Getting Started

ValueTrack parameters are a type of URL tracking parameter that is added to the end of your ad's URL, allowing you to track information about the source of your ad clicks. Here's how it works:

  1. You add URL tracking parameters to your ad's URL through your advertising service (Google Ads, Bing Ads, etc). 
  2. When someone clicks on your ad, the tracking parameter is replaced with certain details about the ad in the URL based on the tracking parameter you use.
  3. You view details about the click in CallRail or other third-party software.

Once tracking parameters have been added to your URLs, you'll receive more details about your ad's performance, including how your ads are driving phone calls to your business through CallRail.

Optimized Tracking Formula

While you're welcome to use any tracking parameter you wish, CallRail has an optimized tracking formula to maximize the data you'll receive on your caller's timeline.


This parameter string will give you the following information regarding your campaigns:

Source, Medium, Keyword(s), Match Type, Network, Ad Position, Device

Then, when a visitor calls your business following an online search, we’ll automatically parse out this information, and present it to you in an easy-to-read format on your call details page. Of course, you can include any parameter that’s best for your campaign– we’ll include those as well in your caller's timeline.

Set up Your Tracking Parameters 

The recommended way of configuring your Bing campaigns is to import your Google Ads campaigns directly into Bing Ads. With this method, you'll be able to review your campaigns as they're imported to ensure that your data reports as expected within Bing. For instructions on how to import your Google Ads campaigns into Bing, and to watch a helpful video on how your campaigns are imported, we encourage you to use this Bing support article.

Alternatively, if you wish to set up your campaigns separately, here are two third-party links for Google and Bing that define the parameters available to use in your campaigns:

Google Click IDs

Google Click IDs (GCLIDS) are URL tracking parameters that are exclusive to Google ads. CallRail uses GCLIDS to both detect Google Paid visitors with keyword level tracking and to report calls as conversions in Google Ads. 

GCLIDS will only appear in your URLs if you have set up keyword level tracking in CallRail and enabled auto-tagging in Google Ads. Any caller who has GCLID in their referring URL will show in your call log and in reports as "Google Paid."

Learn More About GCLIDS in this Google Support article


What if I want to use a parameter different than what CallRail suggests?

You can add any parameter that works best for your campaign to your ads. Any parameter that is not supported by Google and/or Bing will return an empty value in your reporting.