CallRail Pricing

CallRail’s powerful call tracking service is available starting at $30 per month. There are no setup fees and no contracts for CallRail accounts. 

This article will provide you with:

  • A breakdown of CallRail’s Starter Plan
  • How to upgrade your pricing plan to take advantage of premium features

Getting Started

For more information on pricing, or if you're looking for a custom plan for high call volume or custom implementation requirements, please visit our pricing page.

Pricing and surcharges vary for call tracking and routing outside of the United States and Canada. For more information about pricing in your country, please visit our international plan page

CallRail’s Starter Plan

The CallRail Starter plan is $30 a month and includes 10 local numbers and 500 minutes. You can create additional local numbers at $3 per number. Additional local minutes beyond the 500-minute mark are priced at $0.05 per minute.

Toll-free numbers have a $2 surcharge. This means that toll-free numbers that fall within the first 10 are $2 each, and then $5 each after the first 10 numbers. Toll-free minutes also have a $0.03 surcharge. This means that toll-free minutes within the first 500 minutes are charged at $0.03 per minute, and then $0.08 per minute after the 500-minute mark.

The Starter plan also includes 100 text messages. Additional text messages (inbound and outbound) are 1.6¢ per message. You can also opt-in to receive voicemail transcriptions, which are 40¢ per transcription, as well as CallScribe transcriptions, which are $0.025/minute. 

Each month's invoice is dependent upon how many active numbers, minutes, voicemail transcriptions, CallScribe transcriptions, and text messages are used within the billing cycle.

Upgrade Your Pricing Plan

If you're currently on the Starter plan, but would like to upgrade to the Pro plan, you can upgrade within the "Billing" section of your account.

If you'd like to switch plans and would like to speak with someone regarding high volume usage, please reach out to our Customer Success team using the link below.

Contact Customer Success Manager

  1. Click the account drop-down at the top of the page, then click Manage Account.


  2. Choose Account Billing from within the Billing list in the left menu.


  3. Click See Plans from the Your Plan section.


  4. Select Upgrade to Pro once you've confirmed you'd like to upgrade.


  5. Choose Accept and Upgrade on the pop-up to confirm your upgrade.


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