Prevent Voicemails and Systems from Answering a Call

If you're using CallRail's Call Flow Builder, you can activate a setting that prevents voicemails and automated systems from answering a call. This ensures that a personal voicemail on a destination number does not interfere with your CallRail call flow. You can also use this setting to prevent an automated system on a destination number from interfering with a call flow you've created. 

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Prevent voicemails and automated systems from overriding your call flow steps

Getting Started

Once this setting is active, agents who answer a call will hear a message prompting them to press 1 to be connected to the caller. If they press 1, they'll be connected to the call. If they do nothing, then the call will route through the remaining call flow steps. The caller won't hear this prompt, only the agent.

If an IVR system is answering the call on the destination number, this feature should not be enabled, since the IVR will be unable to press 1 to accept the call. This will prevent callers from reaching your business.

Once your call flow is updated, we recommend placing a few test calls from a telephone number that's not included in your call flow to ensure your calls route as expected.

Available Call Flow Steps

  • Use this feature within a Dial step by clicking the check box.


  • Use this feature within a Simulcall step by clicking the check box.


  • Use this feature within a Round Robin step by clicking the check box.