Answer Calls Using Softphone

This feature is available through the Lead Center add-on. Use our help article to see or change your pricing.

With Softphone, you can use your browser and computer's microphone to answer calls directly from Lead Center. When answering a call with Softphone, you can score calls as leads, add call tags, and add notes about the call in real-time. 

Getting Started

In order to answer calls using CallRail's Softphone feature, you'll need to have completed the following:

  1. Become an Agent, and assign your agent name to a step in the Call Flow Builder. Learn more about this by reading our Agent help article.
  2. Give CallRail permission to access your computer's microphone. Learn more about this by reading our Softphone Overview article.

Additionally, you should have Lead Center open in a Google Chrome browser window to answer incoming calls. Softphone is only available for use in a Google Chrome browser.

For best results using Softphone, we recommend using a wired headset connection.

Answer Calls with Softphone

  1. Click Lead Center in the navigation bar on the left. You'll want to keep Lead Center open to answer incoming calls.

  2. Click Answer in the left menu to connect to the caller. Click Decline to send the call to the next step in the Call Flow Builder.


  3. Use the left menu to classify the call as a lead, add or remove call tags, and to add notes to your active call. You can also use this screen to mute yourself on the call, use the keypad, or hang up the call. Navigating away from this screen during an active call will end the call.


  4. Once the call has ended, you'll have the opportunity to add additional details about the call that will save to Lead Center and the caller's detail page. Once you're finished, click Finish Call


Once you click Finish Call, you'll be able to take new incoming calls to your Agent name. Any call received by your Agent name before clicking "Finish Call" will direct the call to the next step in the Call Flow Builder.