Create a New Account in Account Center

Your Account Center dashboard allows you to manage multiple accounts, all in one place. It's also where you'll go to create new accounts.

Getting Started

All new accounts start with a 14-day free trial period before the first billing cycle. To start a new account, you'll choose a pricing plan and add a debit or credit card as payment. You can also skip the payment step and add your card at any time before the end of your trial. 

Create a New Account

  1. Select the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the page, under your name and the name of your company.

  2. If you only have one account, you'll see an option to Create New Account. Click here to go directly into the account creation process.

  3. If you have two or more accounts, you'll see Switch Accounts instead of Create New Account. This will take you to your Account Center dashboard.

  4. In your Account Center dashboard, click the button that says Create New Account to begin the new account process. Follow the steps to name the account, select a plan, choose add-ons, and enter billing information.

  5. At the end of the process, you can continue setting up your account by selecting actions from the list of Next Steps such as adding other users or creating tracking tools.

  6. Or click Return to Account Center to go back to your dashboard. Your new account will be listed along with your other accounts.


Invite Someone to Add Payment

In some cases, the user who is creating and operating an account may not be responsible for paying the bill. The Create New Account tool allows you to invite someone who is not a CallRail user, such as a coworker or client, to enter card information for a new account.

If you are inviting a user to add payment information, or if someone has invited you to CallRail, learn more here.