Activating Softphone

This feature is available through the Lead Center add-onUse our help article to see or change your pricing.

CallRail's Softphone feature is an in-browser phone system available within Lead Center. Using Softphone, you can answer and place calls directly from your browser without having to pick up a phone. Softphone also allows you to interact with your calls in real-time, so you can score calls as leads, apply call tags, and add notes about your conversations as they take place. 

Getting Started

Before you can use the Softphone, you'll need to ensure you've added Lead Center to your account. Lead Center is an add-on for the Calls & Texts Essentials plan and higher, and is available for $10 per company each month. Use these instructions to activate Lead Center:

Activating Lead Center

Softphone is only available for use in a Google Chrome browser. Any user that would like to use Softphone will need to allow CallRail to access their microphone on each Chrome browser they use. 

Once you allow CallRail to access your microphone, you'll be able to answer and place calls using Softphone. The articles linked below will guide you through answering and placing calls.

- Answer calls using Softphone
- Place an outbound call using Lead Center

Allow Access to Your Microphone 

Granting CallRail permission to use your microphone is dependent upon whether you're a new CallRail user, or a current user accessing Softphone for the first time. If you have pop-ups blocked on your Google Chrome browser, you'll need to allow them temporarily to grant access to your microphone.

If you're a new user logging into your account for the first time, click Enable Softphone Audio in the blue bar at the top of the page. This button will be available once you log into your CallRail account.

A pop-up will appear on your browser. Click Allow to let CallRail access your microphone.

If you're a current user using Softphone for the first time, click Lead Center. A popup will appear at the top of your browser. Click Allow to let CallRail access your microphone.