Integration Triggers

You can create integration triggers for each company in your account to determine how your call data reports to your third-party analytics software. This allows CallRail to filter out data to your integrations according to specific rules that work best for your business.

Use this article to learn how to create triggers for your integrations, including:

  • Only sending calls with a specific tag to an integration
  • Triggering to only send calls by tracking number, or by call type
  • Choosing only calls over a certain duration to report to your integrations
  • Editing your integration triggers

Getting Started

An integration trigger can be created for any integration that's currently active or in the pending state.

By default, calls to all of your tracking numbers will send data to your integrations. If you choose a specific number or keyword pool to send data in the integration triggers configuration page, only calls to those numbers will send data to your integrations. 

If you’d like to use call tags as an integration trigger, the call tag must be applied automatically to the call by using a tag step in the Call Flow Builder or through Keypad Scoring.

Use these instructions to learn how to add a tag using a call flow.

Creating Integration Triggers

Integration triggers are company-dependent within your account. Use these instructions to create triggers in each company where your integrations are active.

  1. Choose the company where you’d like to create an integration trigger.


  2. Click Settings at the top of the page.


  3. Select Integration Triggers from the Integrations section in the left menu.


  4. Choose the third-party platforms you’d like to set specific criteria for and create your filters. Integrations that aren’t included in this table will continue to receive data for all calls.


    • Choose an Integration to select a specific platform where you'd like to create a filter.
    • Select a Number to filter data to your integrations by tracking number. You can add multiple tracking numbers in this column for a single platform.
    • Select a Call Type to filter your data by missed calls, voicemails, first-time callers, etc.
    • Select a Minimum Duration to filter your call data according to the length of a call you received.
    • Select a Tag to only send calls that have a certain call tag applied to them. You can add multiple tags in this column for a single platform.
    • Select a CallScore to only send calls that have been classified with a specific lead status.

  5. Click + Add Trigger to create additional filters if needed.


  6. Select Save when finished to update your settings.


Editing Integration Triggers

You can edit integration triggers at any time to change how your call data is reporting to one of your integrations. Each integration has its own set of triggers, so you must edit each individual integration to change the integration triggers. 

  1. Choose the company where you’d like to edit an integration trigger.


  2. Click Settings at the top of the page.


  3. Select Integration Triggers from the Integrations section in the left menu.


  4. Use the drop-down arrows to make new selections for each integration you'd like to edit. 


  5. You can add or remove multiple options using the + and x icons for items like Number and Tags on the drop down.


  6. Once you’re finished editing your integration triggers, click Save at the bottom of the page.


  7. A green success alert will confirm your changes are saved.


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