CallScore classifies your calls as qualified leads depending upon on criteria specific to the industry you serve. This feature is available at no additional cost for all CallRail pricing plans.

With CallScore, we'll automatically score each incoming call to a company based on machine learning models that have been built, created, and tested for accuracy. Once a call is automatically scored, you can see the caller's score within your activity dashboard, email notifications, and call details pages.

Determine which campaigns drive the best calls to your business, and take the manual labor out of scoring your calls. Communicate lead status with the rest of your team to ensure proper follow-ups occur.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Set up CallScore
  • Customize the type of calls that are scored automatically by CallScore
  • Find and update a call's score

Getting Started

Call recording will need to be enabled for tracking numbers that use CallScore. CallScore messages can only be read in English (US).

Read how to enable call recording for your tracking numbers

Set up CallScore

CallScore is company-dependent within your account. Follow the instructions below for each company where you'd like to activate CallScore.

  1. Choose the company where you'd like to use CallScore.


  2. Click Settings at the top of the page.


  3. Select Scoring within the Workflow list.


  4. Slide the toggle to ON. Then, use the instructions below if you'd like to set specific CallScore criteria.


  5. Click Save to activate CallScore.


Set CallScore Criteria

Once you activate CallScore, you can create custom criteria to determine the type of calls we should automatically score.

  1. Choose the company where you'd like to update CallScore.


  2. Click Settings at the top of the page.


  3. Select Scoring within the Workflow list.


  4. Choose specific criteria within the table to indicate the type of calls that should be automatically scored.


    • Choose Number to indicate which tracking number's calls should be scored automatically.
    • Choose Call Type to select specific types of calls that should be scored automatically.
    • Choose Minimum Duration to score calls that last longer than a certain amount of time.
    • Choose Tag to automatically score calls that have a specific call tag applied to them.

  5. Click Save to update CallScore.


Find and Update a CallScore

Once you've activated CallScore for your account, you can view and change any call's score from your call log, caller timeline, or Lead Center. Use this set of instructions to learn how to find or update a call's score on the call log.

  1. Select Activity at the top of the page.


  2. Find the CallScore column on your call log, and press the icon that appears when you hover over the column.


  3. Select the thumbs up icon to score the call as a qualified lead, or click the crossed out thumb to indicate the call was not a lead.


  4. Once you've received calls that have been scored automatically, the CallScore tooltip will tell you who scored the call. You'll see "CallScore scored this call as a qualified lead" if it was automatically scored, or you'll see the name of the user who scored the call if the call was manually scored.

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