Inviting Admins via Account Center

With Account Center, you can use one login email address to access multiple accounts. Once your Account Center is set up, you're able to quickly and seamlessly switch between accounts you have access to once you've confirmed your access to your other accounts.

If you're an administrator on two (or more) different CallRail accounts, you can invite another Admin user to access accounts you have access to.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Invite another administrator to multiple accounts in Account Center

Getting Started

These instructions are specific to inviting admin users to have Account Center access. If you're looking to add a user to your account that's not an administrator, use these instructions instead:

Add a User

Invite an Admin

Use these instructions to invite another admin user to accounts that you have access to in your Account Center. 

  1. Select your login initials at the top of the page, then click Switch Accounts.


  2. Click Invite Admins in the left menu.


  3. Enter the email address of the admin user you'd like to invite to your accounts. Click + Add Email to invite multiple admins to the same companies.

  4. Choose the accounts that this admin should have access to. You can grant access to all of your accounts, or you select from a list of specific accounts.

  5. Click Send Invitation.


  6. Confirm the email address and accounts you'd like to grant access to for the other admin(s). Then, click Send Account Access


  7. The admin(s) you invite will then receive an email letting them know they've been granted administrative access to your accounts.
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