Calls by Agent Report

The Calls by Agent report provides a breakdown of the CallRail Agents taking calls to your tracking numbers. This report will show for any destination numbers in your account, but will not show names until you either assign names to your destination numbers or set up agents in your account. Learn how to create Agents using this help article.

Calls by Agent Report Overview

Use these instructions to access your Calls by Agent report for a specific company.

  1. Click Analytics in the navigation bar on the left.

  2. Click on Reports at the top of the page, then Calls by Agent under the Behavior header. 

  3. Choose the company whose Calls by Agent report you'd like to view.

  4. View and interact with your Calls by Agent report. The top graph will only display the first five agents with the largest total of the type of calls during the date range you've selected. Use the filter bar at the top of the page to choose which type of calls you'd like to see and apply additional filter sets if desired. You can also hover over your bar graphs to view the totals for each agent. 


  5. The columns below the chart break down each key metric of the Calls by Agent report during the date range selected at the top of the page. Click the Edit Columns button to select more metrics to display within the table and add tags.

    - The Total Calls column shows the total number of inbound and outbound calls handled by an agent.

    - The Inbound Calls column displays the total number of inbound calls received by an agent.

    - The Outbound Calls column presents the total number of outbound calls made by an agent.

    - The Missed Calls column provides the missed calls associated with an agent. 

    - The
    Total Duration column shows the total amount of time spent on both inbound and outbound calls.  

    - The
    Average Duration column displays the average amount of time spent on both inbound and outbound calls.

  6. Click on the numbers in each of the columns to be taken to a separate log of calls by that agent with customer attribution timelines.

Naming Destination Numbers

You can assign names to the destination numbers shown in your Calls by Agent report. This will not affect any caller ID settings and is strictly to help organize your reporting within CallRail. Names you assign in this manner will be shown on exported reports.

Only account administrators can add or edit names to destination numbers, but they will be visible to all account users. This feature cannot be used to edit or rename Lead Center agent names.

Follow these steps to attach a name to your destination numbers:

  1. Click Reports at the top of the screen.

  2. Select the Calls by Agent report on the left-hand menu under the Behavior group.

  3. On the page that follows, scroll down to the list of agents and destination numbers. For the number you'd like to name, click the pencil icon at the far right of its row.


  4. In the window that appears, type in the name you'd like to give this number and click Save. You will see it immediately present alongside that destination number. 

To edit or remove a name from a destination number, follow the steps listed above. In the window where you previously input a name, enter a different name or delete the existing one and then hit Save. The change will immediately be reflected in your reporting. 

Export and Print Report

You can print, save your report to a PDF file, or export your report to an Excel file.

  1. Select Export at the top of the table.

  2. Choose Excel to download an Excel file of your report. If you choose to export to Excel, your report will include a cover sheet that details the filters you used to create your report.

  3. Select PDF Instructions and follow your browser-specific directions to save the report as a PDF file. You can also view this help article for more details.

  4. Click Print to print your report with the current filters and grouping applied. 


Which calls are not shown on this report?

The Calls by Agent report does not show calls that have no user attached.

Why do I only see numbers and not Agent names?

This report should work for any destination number even if there is no associated Agent. If there are no Agents set up in your account there will be a green pop-up that says “Want to see names instead of numbers? Set up Agents.