Switch from Account Center to Customer Invoicing

Customer Invoicing is a premium feature available to customers on the Pro plan or higher. Learn about the benefits and how to upgrade your account in this article.

CallRail’s Customer Invoicing feature allows you to manage and personalize invoicing for companies in your account. If you’ve previously used Account Center to manage the billing for your customers, you can consolidate your companies into a single CallRail account, and set up invoicing for each of your companies. You can then choose to manually invoice your customer outside of CallRail, or use CallRail’s integration with Stripe to process your payments.

Use this article to learn how to consolidate your companies into a single account if you've been using Account Center to separate your customer billing.

Getting Started

CallRail’s support team will transfer any existing companies to your master account. When a company is moved to a new account, all call data associated with that company will transfer, so you won’t lose any historical campaign information. The script for Dynamic Number Insertion will transfer as well, so your numbers will continue to swap without interruption.

Once your tracking numbers have transferred to your new master account, you’ll follow these secondary instructions to complete your setup:

If you haven’t created the new account that will act as the master account, start your 14-day free trial first, then email our support team with the information below.

Requesting Company Transfer

When a company moves to a new account, all active tracking numbers within that company transfer as well. Once these numbers have moved, the new account is responsible for the billing associated with those numbers.

To move companies between accounts, please email our support team with the following information:

  • Email confirmation from an administrator on your account, as well as a list of companies in your account that should be moved.
  • Email confirmation from an administrator on the new account, as well as a list of companies they’d like to move to their new account.

Once CallRail's support team confirms that your companies have moved to your master account, you can set up Customer Invoicing. This feature gives you the ability to manage usage and rates for customers you invoice both inside and outside of CallRail.

You can determine the cost at which your customers are billed by setting up Customer Invoicing. Each company can be billed at a different rate (by building a "Custom Rate"), or you can create your own custom plan and apply it to all companies (by creating a "Standard Rate").

Upgrade Account and Activate Customer Invoicing

Use CallRail's Stripe integration to directly bill companies for their usage in your account each month. The credit card you enter for your overall account covers your upfront usage with CallRail, then you can invoice to each of your customers using the credit card information they enter into Stripe.

Activate Stripe Integration


How can I add my existing users to a new account?

You have two options when it comes to adding a company's users to your new account:

  1. If the user doesn't need access to the former account, or if you plan to close that account once you have Customer Invoicing setup, you should delete that user from the account:

    Remove a User

    You can then add the user to the new account, as their email will now be free to use as a login for a different account:

    Add a User

  2. If a user needs to access both the old and new account, they'll use Account Center to add the new account to the list of accounts accessible to their login:

    Merge Logins for Account Center Access

What should I do with my old accounts if they're not in use anymore?

Once you confirm that your companies have moved to the new account, and your users have been added to the new account, you can close the accounts that are no longer in use. We recommend closing them to avoid being invoiced the base price for an active account.

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