Adding Call Values

Adding values to calls helps you keep track of high-value leads and see the amount of revenue brought in by each agent, PPC keyword, and marketing source. You can assign call values manually or create automated call value actions through Automation Rules.

Getting Started

There are three ways to manually add a value to a call:

  1. In Lead Center during or after a call
  2. Through Keypad Scoring immediately after a call
  3. On the caller timeline anytime after a call

For information on how to add a value in Lead Center or through Keypad Scoring refer to the corresponding help articles. This article will show you how to manually add a value to the caller timeline.

In order to create automated call values through Automation Rules, Transcripts and call recording must be activated in your account. This automated method requires the Conversation Intelligence plan. Use our help article to see or change your pricing.

Manually Add a Call Value

  1. Click Analytics in the navigation bar on the left, then click Activity at the top of the page.
  2. Find the call where you'd like to add a value and click to access that caller's Timeline.


  3. Click the + next to ValueA field will appear where you can enter an amount for the call.

  4. The green "Saved" icon will appear to indicate we've saved your value.

Automatically Assign Values with Automation Rules 

Automation Rules allow you to classify your interactions, including adding a value to a call or form submission, automatically. You tell us which types of interactions you want to focus on by choosing criteria — call length, which marketing campaign a call or form is associated with, which words were spoken during the call, and much more — and we’ll assign a value to the ones that meet your criteria. Transcripts must be on for Automation Rules to work.

Learn how to turn on Transcripts.

Learn how to create an Automation Rule.