Sending Call Values to Google Ads

Send call values to Google Ads to optimize your Google PPC bidding strategies based on revenue and high-value leads. This is an optional feature for your CallRail integration that adds an important dollar value dimension to your Google Ads conversion reporting.

Getting Started

To send call values, your Google Ads integration must be active. Because the Google Ads integration requires keyword tracking, only call values for your keyword tracking calls will report to Google Ads.

When you activate this feature, you’ll set a custom delay time for sending call values. Google Ads reporting does not occur in real-time. Once call values are sent from CallRail, it can take about 24 hours for them to display in Google Ads.

Read this help article to learn how to integrate CallRail with Google Ads.

Values can be added to calls manually or automatically using Keyword Spotting.

Read this help article for more information on assigning values to calls.

Sending Call Values to Google Ads

CallRail’s integration with Google Ads is company-dependent in your account. Follow the instructions below for each company you’d like to send call values to Google Ads.

  1. Choose the company whose call values you’d like to send to Google Ads.

  2. Click Settings at the top of the page.

  3. Select the Google Ads integration and click Configure.

  4. Locate the "Sending Values" section of the page, and click the checkbox to "Send a call's value to Google Ads." 

  5. Select a delay time or create a custom delay time. You can choose anything from a minimum of 4 hours to a maximum of 30 days. Choose an amount that will give you enough time to add a value to a call before it sends to Google Ads. 

Deactivate Sending Call Values to Google Ads 

  1. Choose the company who's call values you'd like to stop sending to Google Ads.

  2. Click Settings at the top of the page.

  3. Select the Google Ads integration and click Configure.

  4. Uncheck the box to send a call's values to Google Ads.

  5. Click Save.


How do I know what delay time to select?

Select a delay that will give you enough time to add values to calls before the call values are sent to Google Ads. Since we can only send calls to Google once, we’ve built in the delay so that you don’t miss the opportunity to add a value to a call if you’d like. This means we'll wait the amount of time you've selected as the delay before sending the call and it's value to Google Ads.

For example, if your team assigns call values at the end of every day you’ll need at least 24 hours of delay time.

Can I change the delay time?

Yes, you can change your delay time whenever you like. However, the change will not affect calls that have already occurred. For example, if your original delay time was 1 week and you change it to 2 weeks, any calls made before the change was saved will still send to Google Ads in 1 week.

Will call values I've assigned to source tracking calls show in Google Ads?

The Google Ads integration requires keyword-level tracking, and values assigned to source or campaign-level calls won't report because there's no google click ID associated with that call.

Can I change a call value later?

You can always change the call value in your CallRail caller timeline. However, if the call value has already pushed to Google Ads, it can't be changed in Google Ads since we can only send call values once. If your call values tend to fluctuate, we recommend choosing a longer delay time to get the most accurate data.