Troubleshoot Your Google Analytics Integration

Our integration with Google Analytics gives you insight into how visitors find and interact with your website by sending call data as goals. However, sometimes errors can occur during the integration setup, within the Analytics account, or within the CallRail application.

Use this article to:

  • Troubleshoot common Analytics integration errors based on the problem you’re experiencing

Getting Started

First, check that your integration shows as active for the company you attempted to connect with Google Analytics. The integration may have been automatically disabled due to a system error in Google Ads or another issue. If it shows as inactive, attempt to activate the integration again.

How to integrate CallRail with Google Analytics.

Goals Not Reporting to Google Analytics

First, check that page views for “/phone/…” appear in Google Analytics.

Viewing calls in Universal Analytics.
Viewing calls in Classic Analytics.

If yes, check that the Google Analytics script on your website matches the type of goal you have set up.
Check the source code of your website to see which script is installed (analytics.js or ga.js).

How to check your website’s source code.

Then, check that the goal you have set up in Google Analytics matches the script on your website. The set-up is different for Universal Analytics and Classic Analytics.

    • ga.js (classic) = “Destination” that “begins with /phone/”
    • analytics.js (universal) = “Event” that “Equals to Phone”

How to set up goals in Universal Analytics.
How to set up goals in Classic Analytics.

If no, check these three items:

  • Ensure you’re looking at the correct Google Analytics account. (Check that the UA number matches the account you’re looking at.) 

  • Make sure that phone calls have occurred after the Analytics integration was set up.

  • Double check that the correct date range is selected in both CallRail and Google Analytics.

Keywords Not Reporting to Google Analytics 

Make sure you’re using keyword pools. Only calls to keyword tracking numbers will report to Google Analytics.

Read the basics of keyword tracking.

Only Some Calls Reporting to Google Analytics

Even if two calls are from different phone numbers, check to see if two calls share a session in CallRail. Google Analytics reports one conversion per visitor, per goal, per day. Multiple calls from the same visitor in a day will be reported as a single goal conversion.

Source of Call Showing as "Disabled" in Google Analytics 

If a source-level tracking number is configured as “Offline” in CallRail, we report this to Google Analytics as “disabled/(none)."

Keyword for PPC Visitors Showing as “Not Set" 

Confirm that auto-tagging is enabled in Google Ads.
Auto-tagging adds the Google Click ID (gclid) to the end of the final URL, which is one indicator our system looks for in order to classify a visit as Google Paid.

Read this Google help article on enabling auto-tagging.

Check if there is a redirection occurring which is causing the gclid to be removed before Google Analytics runs?
The Google Click ID (gclid) at the end of the final URL is one indicator our system looks for in order to classify a visit as Google Paid.

Troubleshoot your keyword tracking numbers using this help article.

If you’re still experiencing issues, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.