Call & Text Conversions in Bing Ads

Track calls and texts as conversions in Bing Ads when you use CallRail's keyword-level tracking. Once your integration with Bing Ads is active, we’ll report your Bing PPC calls and texts as offline conversions.

Getting Started

CallRail’s integration with Bing Ads requires the following:

For this tutorial, we'll assume you've already integrated your CallRail account with Google Ads. If you haven’t linked your accounts yet, follow the instructions in this support article first, then return to this article to complete setup:

Bing Ads Integration

Important note: When you activate your Bing Ads integration, calls and texts to your tracking numbers will not begin sending as conversions for two hours. Once your calls and texts start sending, there can be up to a five-hour delay before you'll see your conversions appear on your Bing Ads account dashboard.

Viewing Call and Text Conversions in Bing Ads

Use this set of instructions to find your call and text conversions in Bing Ads.

  1. Once you're logged into Bing Ads, select Conversion Tracking in the left-hand sidebar, then click Conversion goals.

  2. Your conversions in Bing Ads display as Phone Call and Text Message.


    Important note: Changing the name of the conversion ("Phone Call" or "Text Message") will prevent CallRail from sending your conversion data to Bing; however, you can edit the other conversion fields if you'd like.

Tracking Keywords in CallRail

Adding a keyword tracking template allows you to report keywords into your CallRail call log and caller timelines so you can see which keywords are driving your offline conversions.  Adding the ?keyword={keyword} parameter to your URLs in Bing Ads is a recommended last step to setting up your Bing Ads integration.

  1. Log into your Bing Ads account and select Shared Library on the left sidebar. 

  2. Scroll to the bottom and select View URL options.

  3. Enter the following keyword tracking parameter in the Tracking template form field: 


  4. Select Auto-tagging of Click ID to automatically apply the MSCLKID to your URLs. 


Why don't I see my conversions in Bing Ads?

When you first activate the Bing Ads integration, there is a two-hour window where new phone call and text conversions will not send to Bing Ads. After that window, there will always be a delay of up to five hours before your phone call and text conversions will show on your Bing Ads dashboard.

Can I edit the conversion that CallRail creates when I activate my integration?

Changing the name of the conversion ("Phone Call") will prevent CallRail from sending your conversion data to Bing; however, you can edit the other conversion fields if you'd like.

Do I need to add UET tags for my calls to report as conversions in Bing?

CallRail's Bing integration doesn't require UET tags for offline conversions like phone calls.