CallScribe Search

CallScribe Search is a tool for quickly searching your call transcriptions for important information. You can search your transcribed calls from the past year to find specific words, phrases, or a set of search terms for a deeper analysis of your calls and to quickly return a list of relevant calls from your call log. 

Getting Started

CallScribe and call recording must be activated in your account before you can use CallScribe Search. Learn more about CallScribe in this help article.

CallScribe Search searches calls within the past year or up to the date that you turned on CallScribe. 

How to Use CallScribe Search 

Use these instructions to access CallScribe Search in your account. 

  1. Click Analytics in the navigation bar on the left, then click Activity at the top of the page. 

  2. Select CallScribe Search in Calls section in the left-hand menu. 

  3. Enter a search term or set of search terms. Separate multiple search terms with commas and use quotations for exact matches. 


  4. Filter your results by the speaker in the filter bar. 


  5. Your results will be ordered by how many times your search term(s) appear in the transcript with your search terms highlighted in the transcription preview. 


Filter Your Search Results

You can filter your CallScribe search results by company, speaker, date range, tracking number, duration, qualified status, and tag. 

  1. Filter your CallScribe Search results by  Company, Date Range (up to the past year), Speaker, Numbers, Duration, Qualified status, and Tag. 



Which call transcriptions are being searched?

CallScribe Search looks for your search terms in all your transcripts for up to a year or since you activated CallScribe (if you haven't had the feature for a full year). You can add additional filters using the speaker filter options and the Filter By selection at the top right of the page.  

How are my results ordered?

CallScribe Search results are ordered by how frequently your search terms appeared in the call transcript. 

Can I only search for terms that I've set up my keyword spotted sets?

Nope! You can search your call transcripts for any terms, whether or not you've added them to one of your keyword spotting sets. Using CallScribe Search might help you discover new keyword sets to leverage or even new PPC keywords and/or ad copy for better audience targetting. 

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