Set Up Facebook Ads for Lead Reporting

In order to receive lead attribution for specific campaigns or cost per lead data for your Facebook integration, you'll need to add URL tracking parameters to each Facebook ad you're currently running. 

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Add URL tracking parameters to your Facebook ads.  

Getting Started

You'll need an active Facebook integration for each company where you'd like to see lead reporting by campaign or multi-touch cost per lead reporting. 

Use this help article to activate your Facebook integration
Learn more about Multi-Touch Cost per Lead reporting

Add Tracking Templates to Facebook Ads

In order to receive Facebook Ads cost per lead reporting, you'll need to add a tracking template URL parameter to each of the Facebook ads you're currently running. 

Login to your Facebook Ad Manager account and use the following steps to add a cost per lead URL tracking parameter to each of your Facebook ads. 

  1. Select the Facebook ad.

    You can choose multiple ads at a time by clicking the checkbox to the left of the ads you want to edit, or you can select all ads by clicking the checkbox at the top of the Ad Name column. 


  2. Click Edit

  3. Scroll to the Tracking section. Locate the column URL Parameters. Enter fb_ad_id={{}} as the URL tracking parameter.


  4. Click Refresh URL Parameters to check that your CPL tracking parameters have been found.