Managing Your Accounts with Account Center

For marketers, agency staff, and anyone else who manages more than one CallRail account, Account Center is the most seamless way to manage your clients at a high level. At the most basic level, Account Center allows you to consolidate all of your accounts under one email and password, so you don’t have to log out and in to switch back and forth between accounts.

Use this article to learn how to:

  • Start managing your accounts with Account Center
  • Use Account Center to access Billing and Invoices

Getting Started

Each account you manage through Account Center still retains separate settings and billing information, allowing accounts to be managed individually without requiring additional login information.

Accessing Account Center

  1. To access Account Center, select Switch Account from the drop-down at the top of the page.  


  2. From there, you can view and edit the accounts that you have access to.


  3. Select the edit icon to make changes to an individual account’s settings.


  4. The "Manage Account" page allows to you edit account-level settings specific to this account. Only administrators for accounts will have access to update these settings.


  5. To remove yourself from an account, select the unlink button. This will permanently delete your access to this account.


Billing Overview

You can also use Account Center to access billing settings and invoices for each account you manage. Use these instructions to access the Billing Overview tab.

  1. Open the account drop-down and click Switch Account.


  2. Click Billing in the left sidebar. 


  3. To see a list of invoices for that specific account, select Invoice List.


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